Thursday July 02, 2015
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Many people today say, "I'm spiritual, but not religious." Such language reveals a hunger for God but a distaste for the church. Even in the church, Christians are asking, "Is this what church is supposed to be?" Many Christians sense deep down that there is supposed to be something more, but are unsure of what that something is. King Jesus Claims His Church presents a stirring, bold vision for the church that is both biblical and timely. The book can be obtained for the lowest price by clicking here or be purchased on by clicking here.

This edition of the New Testament in the Original Greek has been prepared specifically for the Kindle and includes enhanced parsing features. Touch on any word and get the parsing of the word and its meaning. Keeping the parsing and English meaning "behind" the text makes this edition is well suited to advanced or beginning students of Koine Greek. This edition contains the Majority text (sometimes called the Byzatine textform) which was compiled by Maurice Robinson and William Pierpont. Robinson and Pierpont have taken the utmost care in preparing that text for this edition. Various other methods for restoration of the original NT text have fallen short of their goal, in part due to methodological subjectivity, and in part to a presuppositional bias against the claims of the Byzantine Textform. The texts created under such a bias tend to be based on only a handful of favored manuscripts, and fail to consider all transmissional factors in the preservation of the original text. As a result, the modern eclectic texts tend to preserve more of a caricature than the essence of the originals. In contrast, Robinson and Pierpont have applied many of the same methods of textual criticism to their task, but without the anti-Byzantine bias. Their method of "reasoned transmissionalism" is based on the wider scope of manuscript transmission throughout history. The appendix contains Robinson's essay, "The Case for Byzantine Priority," which presents a rationale for and defense of the theory and methodology that has been applied in the preparation of this edition. To order the book, click here.

Do you desire for your children to have a greater understanding of God's word? Through the Bible with My Child helps parents teach their children God's word. This book provides a method and a plan: a method to teach the Bible to young children, and a plan to cover the Bible in four school years. Supplemented with memorization recommendations, daily review questions, writing pages, blank maps, and tests, Through the Bible with My Child offers a complete introduction to the Bible for elementary age children. To order the book, click here.

The book True Christianity by Charles Finney contains a challenging and clear exposition of the Christian faith. Charles Finney (1792-1875) was a preacher and leader of the second Great Awakening in the 1800s who sought to carefully articulate what the Scriptures say about living the true Christian life that pleases God. He fearlessly challenged his hearers to bring every aspect of their lives into obedience to God. Each of the sixteen messages will challenge your faith in a deep way and call you to the life that God intends. To order the book, click here.